These guitars are completely handcrafted in the true sense of the word. Every one of them are created from scratch in my small workshop on the beautiful rural Maine coast in the USA. They are made with precision to be rugged, beautiful and powerful. Fully intended to be well played and to last a lifetime. Heirloom quality at respectable hard to beat prices. They are intended for a demanding touring musician, for more casual enthusiasts, as well as for everyone in between. I aim for these guitars to be every bit utilitarian as they are high class. To be both a musical utility tool and handcrafted art. If you own a Gronlund, you own a piece of craftsmanship that is highly unique as the same one will never quite be made twice. My building direction has become to find that perfect balance between slightly rustic and highly refined. Every Gronlund guitar has a fully transferable lifetime warranty. The best way to view daily work and current builds in progress is on my Instagram page. - James Greene

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