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Model OS19

The Model OS19 has an original design offset styled body that is right about size of a telecaster. It is a rugged meticulously handcrafted heirloom quality guitar capable of many musical styles and can be customized in just about any way you can imagine.

Ships in a Mono M80 Sleeve.

To get an exact price and build time, email directly at

Base price of $2275.

There is an outline of specs with many options listed below. We can of course also gladly consider options not listed. Just ask and more than likely we'll be able to make it happen! To get an exact price and build time, email directly at

Specs and Options:
  • Body Wood:
    • Swamp Ash
    • Mahogany

  • Body Construction:
    • Solid Body
    • Solid Body with forearm contour

  • Scarf Jointed Neck Wood:
    • Hard Maple
    • Mahogany
    • Figured Birdseye Hard Maple (Add $75)

  • Body Binding:
    • No binding. Rounded edges.
    • Black (Add $50)
    • White (Add $50)
    • Cream (Add $50)
    • Laminated White/Black/White (Add $50)
    • Laminated Black/White/Black (Add $50)
    • Tortoise (Add $50)
    • Red Tortoise (Add $50)
    • Checkerboard Black/White (Add $75)

    • Add $50 additional for double binding (top and back of guitar)

      Add $75 for herringbone purfling. Purfling can be added to any binding listed above.

      Add $75 additional for double herringbone purfling (top+back)

  • Fretboard Binding: Fretboard binding matching body binding. (Add $100)

  • Headstock Binding: Headstock binding matching body binding. (Add $100)

  • Pickguard Material:
    • Gloss Black
    • Matte Black
    • Gloss Black 3 Ply: Black/White/Black
    • White
    • White 3 Ply White/Black/White
    • Cream
    • Mirror
    • Tortoise 3 Ply: Tortoise/White/Black

    • Red Tortoise 3 Ply: Red Tortoise/White Black

    • Genuine Celluloid Nitrate Tortoise 4 Ply: Tort/Parchment/Blk/Parchment (Add $40)

    • Genuine Celluloid Nitrate Tortoise. Thick single ply (Add $60)

    • Genuine Celluloid Nitrate Tortoise. Thick single ply "Autumn Sunset" (Add $60)

  • Fretboard Wood:
    • Pau Ferro
    • Indian Rosewood
    • Hard Maple
    • Figured Birdseye Hard Maple (Add $50)

  • Neck Carve: There are five neck carve options listed below. The measurements listed are thickness specs from the top of the fretboard to the backside of the neck at both the first fret and the 12th fret. These necks, like most all guitar necks, gradually taper to a thicker profile as you approach the 12th fret. All of these necks are traditional C profiles. Ask about any other shape such as a D, V, etc or any custom measurements and it shouldn't be a problem to carve for you!

    • Fattest Vintage No Taper C Profile: 1.00" thick
    • Extra Fat Vintage C Profile: .920" at the 1st fret to 1.00" at the 12th
    • 59' C Profle: .860" at 1st fret tapered to .960" at 12th
    • Medium C Profile: .830" at 1st fret tapered to .920" at 12th
    • SlimTaper C Profile: .800" at 1st fret tapered to .875" at 12th

  • Bridge: Any combination of the following bridges and tailpieces from Schroeder, ABM Germany, Mastery, Bigsby and TonePros.

  • Nut Width:
    • 1 11/16" standard. I create my fretboards to measure 1.700" at the nut which is actual .012 wider than the usual 1.688". This is a miniscule change but to a discerning player it offers noticable improvement in string spread. We can also use absolutely any other custom nut width requested.

  • Nut Material:
    • Choice of solid bone or GraphTech TUSQ XL. I highly recommend the GraphTech material. It's tone is easily just as fantastic as bone and it allows the guitar even greater tuning stability. Bone is a great classic choice as well and is always on hand and available.

  • Scale Length:
    • 24.75" is my standard and is found widely in the guitar industry. We can of course also do any other scale length such as the popular longer 25.5", etc. I have made many 24.9" scale guitars and it's one of my favorites. We can also do baritone scale lengths or anything custom.

  • Finish: Below are two nitrocellulose lacquer finish options followed by color choices.

    • Open Grain Satin
      This is a thin satin nitrocellulose finish that has a very natural, beautiful and minimalist look/feel and is well protective. The natural wood grain is left unfilled and can be felt by hand. No extra charge for this finish. Add $100 additional for any sunburst, semi-transparent or solid color of your choice.

    • Closed Top Grain Satin
      This finish is very much like the above listed "Open Grain Satin" finish with the exception that the top wood and headstock face are mirror flat with filled grain. The back, sides and neck remain open grain satin. Add $100 for this finish. Add $100 additional for any sunburst, semi-transparent or solid color of your choice.

    • Color options:

      Dark sunburst optional on any top.

      Solid color options: Olive Green, Black, Blood Red, Copper Metallic, Silver Metallic, Blackened Forest Green, Vintage Cream, Burnt Yellow or Tobacco Sunburst.

      Semi-Transparent color options: Heritage Cherry Red, Burnt Cherry Red, TV Yellow, Dark Vintage Amber or Butterscotch Blonde

  • Tuning Keys:
    • Grover open gear 18:1 keys
    • Hipshot open gear 18:1 locking keys

    • If you have a favorite tuner that you'd rather use just ask and we'll get them for you!

  • Pickups: Your choice from McNelly, Mojo, Lollar, Novak, and TV Jones.

    • Dual Pickup
    • Three Pickup (Add $100)

  • Electronics: Standard layout of 1 Volume Control, 1 Tone Control and toggle switch. Switchcraft and CTS components. Emerson Custom Paper In Oil Tone Capacitors. We can also accomodate virtually any other control setup aside from this standard layout. Often for no extra cost.

  • Control Knob Style: Below are some classic options. We can alternatively get hold of any other knob style you may have in mind.

    • Metal Dome Knobs in Black, Gold, Nickel or Chrome

    • Metal Barrel Knobs in Black, Gold, Nickel or Chrome

    • Reflector Cap Knobs in Black or Gold

    • Mustang/MXR style

  • Inlay: 3/32" white or black face dots standard

  • Fretwire: Jescar FW47095 standard. Or your choice of any Jescar fretwire from their lineup found here:

  • Truss Rod: Double action

  • Neck to Body Joint: Set Neck